Open Principle Architects also offers a Remediation service. OPA does not get involved in general building defects or project management. This enables us to focus on the essential function of good waterproofing design with methodical fact based analysis for remedying water penetration problems.

Water Shedding

Our approach to design of waterproofing provisions is a little different to the norm. After many years of analysing the cause of water penetration to major structures we find that the primary cause of failure to be inadequacies in what we call the Water Shedding features of the design. The concept of Water Shedding is the collection, redirection and drainage of water.

Waterproofing is not merely the selection and installation of waterproofing membranes and sealants. Understanding this and using the concept of Water Shedding prioritises the development of flow paths and drainage layers when resolving building design. 

The embodied detailed and forensic documentation to resolve building defects permeates into the daily practice of OPA. 

First Principles 
Elements that achieve this objective include drains, downpipes, falls in concrete, allowance for deflection in concrete, minimising of cracking, prediction of movement in joints to all elements, provision of cavities and drained facade systems. Only after these are assessed do we look at waterproofing membranes and sealants as the secondary protection layer.

OPA’s thorough and forensic methodology includes: 

  • Investigation through research 
  • Structural considerations
  • Drainage concept/s 
  • Architectural intent 
  • BCA/NCC Review
  • Site inspections for observations and methodical water testing 
  • Leak mapping and reporting of findings 
  • Production of remedial design documentation and specifications 
  • Administration of contract during prototyping and construction 


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